Baby laughs at tearing paper

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Baby Can’t Control His Laughter When He Sees Dad Rip Up A Paper

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Didn't you know that? Peeta backs away from me with a smile on his face, but the look in his eyes is so intense, I can barely breathe until September grabs his shirt collar and drags him back towards the dugout.This YouTube video of the baby laughing at ripping paper starts with the baby sitting on the couch when the man who is probably his dad hands him some paper and slowly rips it.

The giggles start immediately and grow into hilarious laughs as the rips get louder.

Uncommon, funny, baby shower games?

This baby must be a parent’s dream. His name is Micah McArthur and he has become a celebrity overnight because all it takes to get him laughing is to rip some paper.

The video is soooo cute. Babies laugh at lots of things we wouldn’t expect them to. 50 million people have wondered why baby Micah laughed at tearing most common explanation I’ve heard is that Micah probably laughs at everything.

Liam takes one of his presents tearing some of the paper off making Era squeal clapping, "Now you try" he says giving him the small box Ezra excitingly starts ripping the paper of the box, a few minutes later he got baby Legos but he was focused on the wrapping paper.

Liam scoots his chair closer to me and takes out a pen and draws a snowman at the edge of the paper. I look up to him and he sticks out his tongue to me. I glance back at the paper and draw a star. Adorable 8-month-old baby boy laughs as his father rips up job rejection letter Baby laughing hysterically at ripping paper (VIDEO) according to the video's poster the paper was a job.

Baby laughs at tearing paper
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